On January 21st, 2015, Apollo was found off 288 and Almeda Genoa near a construction landfill. That afternoon we received a phone call from a landfill employee who stated that there was a dog hiding in the bushes that was missing half of his face. Our initial reaction was that we needed to find him so we could end his suffering.

Sitting in the bushes, next to a ditch full of trash, was the saddest thing you could have ever imagined. This once gorgeous, large dog had been reduced to almost nothing. Along with his injuries, Apollo’s ribs, hip bones, and back bone were all clearly visible under his skin. He was covered in dirt and was too weak to run. As we approached, the only sound we heard was a warning growl. This was to be expected. Upon closer inspection we noticed that the nose and most of the snout were gone. The smell was atrocious, and it was obvious that an infection had set in. What remained of his nose dangled back and forth in front of his face. It was as if someone had literally taken a knife and cut off the front of his face. Perhaps the same someone who put the gray collar on him that he was still wearing. After a bit of coaxing, we were able to put the slip lead over his head. Immediately, you could see his body go limp. It was as if he knew he was safe.

After loading him up in the car, we drove straight to the vet. Apollo slept the entire way and never once made a sound. Everyone at the vet seemed a little intimidated by Apollo. I do not think anyone expected a dog in his condition to walk around as if nothing was wrong. He was trying to sniff people and even interact with other dogs.

Regardless, the thought of humane euthanasia was still on our minds. Blood work was completed, and he tested positive for heart worms, which was no surprise. The next step would be to see if he could eat and drink. Without hesitation, he consumed 2 bowls of food and water. Now that was surprising! After eating, he walked up to me and laid his head on my leg. From that moment on, I knew he would be my dog and I would be his owner. There was an undeniable bond that had already formed.

So, after heart worm treatment, facial reconstructive surgery, and ACL surgery, Apollo now spends his time just being a dog and advocate for other abused pups. We have the pleasure of working with different organizations, such as Healing Species of Texas and Pinups for Pitbulls, Inc., to teach others about compassion and fighting to end breed specific legislation. Recently, we were chosen to be in the Pinups for Pitbulls, Inc. annual calendar. Apollo is Mr. December!

Apollo is my hero. He loves everyone that he meets and shows us what it means to truly forgive. It is an honor to call him my own and I love sharing his amazing story of survival through his Instagram profile. We have been truly blessed to have such wonderful supporters! Our goal is to raise awareness and teach others to speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves. Together we can end animal cruelty!

Unfortunately Apollo died 2 days ago…

Be sure to head over to Apollo’s Instagram and show his mama some serious love today!

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