9 Things Only People Who Are Obsessed With Rottweiler Will Understand

1. You know that if a dog did something bad, you should punish him/her. Right? Yes, but can you punish your little cute Rottweiler. Of course, no. They definitely know that they did a bad thing. And their adorable eyes don’t allow you to be mad. But you should do something to prevent other wrong things. Just show them that you are angry, and wait a little bit before again loving and petting them.

2. One of the most favorite occupations for you and your Rottweiler is rolling on the ground. Yes, you know what I am talking about. You are usually doing it. Actually, this is the most effective way to get out of the stress. Am I right? Of course, you can’t resist when you see your lovely one rolling on the ground alone. Go and join him/her.

3. Indeed, it is a great pleasure to go shopping together. It is so cute when your Rottweiler pics toys and feed for him/her. It is always better to buy his/her favourite things.

4. Who is the one that you miss much when you are not at home? Family members, friends? No. Of course, it is your charming dog. Yes, you don’t want your dog to think that you leave him/her. And you can’t wait to see again your pet and tell how much you love him/her.

5. I know that you are good friends. But sometimes you want your Rottweiler to play with other dogs and have fun. That is why you love dog parks so much. Indeed, it is always a pleasure to see your pet happy with his friends.

6. You never think about what background to put on your phone. Why? Because you always know that it will definitely be your dog’s recent cute picture. Actually, your Rottweiler photo always puts a smile on your face.

7. Here is another thing about having a cute dog. Besides being good friends, you will also find friends that have dogs and you will always have something to talk about. Of course, the main topic of your conversation will always be your sweet dogs. Surely, you will always try to show other’s how cute and pretty is your Rottweiler. You will show your love and passion.

8. No matter how many dogs there are in the world. You know that your Rottweiler is the best. You are right because he/she is your best friend and the one that will always be with you.

9. I know one more thing about you. You have an unexplained feeling for your dog. Especially, when your sweet pet does something cute. And yes, he/she always does something cute. That’s why you can never explain your affection and love. You remember the eyes when your dog waits for feed or a new toy. And what you feel when you are back from work and your dog runs to meet you. Your love is explainable because dogs are always best friends and will never betray you.