K-9 officer Tek rescues abandoned puppies

K-9 officer Tek and his partner Trooper Jordan Ennis of the Georgia State Patrol were out for a drive one day in southwest Atlanta when they both noticed something strange. Three puppies were sitting together mournfully in a briar, looking lost and sad. Their owners seemed to be nowhere around, and it was easy for Ennis to conclude that they had been abandoned.

Ennis and Tek immediately swooped in to help. Once they had the pups loaded in the back of the patrol car, Tek stayed with them to provide love and support in only the way another dog can while Ennis drove them to the station.

While the story was initially sad, the Georgia Department of Public Safety shared it on its Facebook page and reminded readers that, for a police officer, a day that involves puppies is always going to be a good day. And, as an even happier ending, all the puppies were adopted after they were brought to Headquarters. How’s that for a rescue tale?