Lost dog has priceless reaction and is almost in disbelief after catching a glimpse of owner

They say elephants have long memories, and I supposed it’s probably true. But an olfactory memory (a remembered smell) was the catalyst that brought two old friends back together.Pakita had wandered the streets of Argentina for two whole years, ever since she strayed from her home. Taken in by Arca Animal Refuge, she was sad and withdrawn. Getting a good picture to post in hopes of finding her a home was difficult. She simply hung her head each time the volunteers pointed a camera at her.

Lots of people came in and left with new dogs, but Pakita remained behind. It seemed that people preferred younger, happier dogs.

The result was an even sadder Pakita. Then one day something amazing happened. When Silvia Ferreyra and her colleagues finally got a decent picture of the dog, they posted it online, hoping for a call from a potential adopter. What happened next is nothing short of miraculous.

They received a call almost immediately from a woman who said she believed the dog was her son’s. His dog had disappeared two years earlier and they’d been looking for her ever since. The next day, Ariel Naveira visited the refuge, hoping that the dog who looked like his Pakita was truly her.

Pakita was a bit unsure when Ariel walked in to see her, but as soon as she got a whiff of his scent, the memories rushed in and she went wild with joy. After two years of mourning the loss of each other, finally Pakita and the man she loved were reunited. Just look at the smile in that picture. And Ariel’s smile is heartwarming, too!Watch the video below to see the amazing, boundless joy when Pakita realizes that her human has found her after such a long time. Doesn’t it just warm your heart? I know it does mine! Share with your friends and tell us what you think in the comments!